infiniti investments is an end to end financial planning and investment advisory firm based out of Bangalore, though our HQ is in Bengaluru, we don’t let these locations define our boundaries. Set up in 2003, infiniti has over the years built strong relationship with clients & works closely with individuals and corporate clients across a wide spectrum to fulfill their financial planning requirements.

We have built a strong relationship with over 250 families and corporate clients in India and overseas including US, Canada, Europe, Middle East & South East Asia.

GOAL BASED INVESTMENT planning and ASSET ALLOCATION are the key ingredients to constructive superior portfolios for our clients.

The financial markets are evolving & products are getting sophisticated, while the need of the hour is simple products. We are happy to be on a financial freedom journey with our clients, not just as advisors but more importantly a well-wisher, guide and a friend from life.




Talk to us to get started today & we assure you that you have a committed financial planner, a well-wisher, a guide & a friend for life…

Anand S
NRI Banker (Singapore)

Suraj has been my trusted financial planner for the last 6 years – playing an impeccable role in providing advice, market updates, seamless execution of transactions and often volunteering to play the role of an opinionated sounding board! Further, he has consistently demonstrated his comfort in being abreast with current affairs and new product offerings and seldom forgets to apply the preferred filters of his clients before recommending the options.

As an NRI, Suraj serves as a bridge in introducing me to investment opportunities across capital markets and real estate in India. He always comes equipped with adequate homework on both strategic and administrative fronts which usually lend itself into quick decisions. I’m a huge fan!!
Chaitra Rao
HR Professional (Bangalore)

For most working women like me more often than not you need a one stop shop for financial advice and management. We honestly have no more time than that! Suraj over the years has proven to be just that – a one stop shop for my portfolio management. He understands the individual’s requirement and proposes plans that work best. He is clued in on all aspects of investments and insurance and has a wide range of products and options to offer. My experience with him has been rewarding and I have recommended him to several family members who work with him today for their financial investment advice.

Roopa Kushtagi
IT Professional (Bangalore)

I know Suraj since 2004 and have been taking his help in better managing my finances since 2005. It’s been almost 14 years now and honestly speaking, I do not have any complaints so far with Suraj. Suraj is very professional, knowledgeable and calm person. There were times when Suraj suggested few investment options and I could not fully understand. Suraj would then, with great patience explain me the details and put in front of me the pros and cons of the option and let me decide what I want to do. This has really worked so far for both of us and I thank Suraj for all the help he provided. Not just the financial services he is a good friend to me and has provided his suggestions, inputs on several other areas like my higher education, real estate investment and even tips in furnishing my new house! It’s good to know someone like you. Thanks a ton Suraj.

Priamvada Princeton
Legal Professional (Dubai)

Choosing Infiniti was more a matter of convenience. My finances are handled by Mr. Suraj Shroff for 11 years now and he is the first person to make me aware of importance of sound investments and savings. Since the start , I have not been given reason to think of switching my adviser as my requirements and basics of investment are explained and understood clearly. The association has nurtured tremendous trust and has been handled flawlessly. The changes in my individual lifestyle requirements have been met with prompt changes in the investment advise – ensuring that neither my savings nor my expenses were significantly affected.